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Success Stories -
A few words from our students
PRAJAKTA, Singapore

“Study Overseas Global has been instrumental in my success to study in Singapore. My councellor guided me excellently right from providing me the much needed emotional support to successfully getting me my visa. The ambience at Study Overseas Global office is very nice and friendly and it made me feel confident the first time I stepped into it. I faced absolutely no problems during the entire process. Study Overseas Global is truly the best!“

DHANYA VIJAY, M.Sc Biomedical Basis Of Disease, Sheffield Hallam University
Working at Alcontrol Laboratories, UK

“Study Overseas Global has been a great help to me in preparing for my overseas education. They worked closely with me right from the beginning and updated my application status timely. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone with the dream of studying abroad. Without the help of my counsellor it would have been impossible to process my visa application in a very short time.“

SANDEEP NARA, University of Auckland, New Zealand                                                            

“For getting a visa any consultancy would have done the job but the way Study Overseas Global deals with the student is remarkable. I had a very homely experience at Study Overseas Global. All the people working in this firm are like family members and there is a very positive environment. I would like to tell you that the guidance given is good and helpful. The process took its time and I was waiting for the visa impatiently but the co-operation of my counsellor was really excellent. I encountered lots of problems but the staff supported me and boosted my confidence. I appreciate this support, hard work and dedication in taking this pain to process my visa to New Zealand. “Thank You Study Overseas Global"....


“I must say that the way in which Study Overseas Global handled the whole career counselling exercise was professional, precise and logical. When I came to Study Overseas Global, I had a very specific requirement as to what I wanted out of the counselling with regard to pursuing an MBA and I was more than satisfied with their outputs. For this, I must thank my counsellor who was most understanding and helpful with my needs and requirements and provided me with logical and clear solutions in terms of University shortlisting, specific pros and cons of various schools/degrees, comparative analysis on schools, admission prep, visa prep etc. I would definitely recommend the efficient and effective services of Study Overseas Global to all MBA aspirants.“


“I remember the first time I walked in Study Overseas Global, to get some information about the Universities in the UK, the quality of information provided by the staff was so accurate and up-to the mark, I had a feeling that I had come to the right place. Be it the application for the university, or the classes for IELTS there was no point where I felt disappointed with the services. I just want to thank you for everything that you have done to secure my place at Aston University Birmingham UK, for M.Sc Supply Chain Management. I couldn't have done it without your assistance. I'd like to thank to my counsellor and other staff for their hard work and a good follow-up with the University applications. I'd be really happy to recommend Study Overseas Global to anyone who wishes to opt for foreign education in the future.“


“I enrolled with Study Overseas Global as my academic counsellor. Now I’m on my way to the USA! Right from the beginning they have been considerate. Eventhough they had to go out of their way to make things work for me, they always did everything that was required. In addition to the counsellors, even the receptionists and the xerox man are very helpful. Beginning with the applications, to getting an offer, obtaining a visa, would have been a more difficult journey for me had it not been for Study Overseas Global. They made sure I applied for the best universities that would match my profile; they celebrated with me when I got offers. I thank each member of Study Overseas Global to help me take my first steps to a successful career. My message to them- “KEEP ROCKING GUYS! YOU’RE THE BEST!!“

University Of Essex - Working at Qualcomm Incorporated, UK

“I am so thankful to have Study Overseas Global in my life; I could not have made a right decision without them. What they do is amazing and the counselors have a real talent in giving educational guidance. Study Overseas Global has tremendous resources with loads of experience and motivation. They have helped me to find a suitable University, which in turn helped me to find a good job in the UK. I wish Study Overseas Global continues to help other people and their families for a very long time.“

LEKSHMI MENON, M.Sc International Business
Robert Gordon University - Working at Virgin Media, UK

“Pursuing my Masters abroad had always been my one consistent wish through out my life and when the time came for making my wish come true, I couldn't have thought of a better option than approaching Study Overseas Global. Each and every counsellor is so meticulous in guiding you through every step to help you pursue your educational dream. They suggest universities, cities and courses after analysing one's educational and financial background and help you in every way possible to make your application process stress-free and enjoyable. The relationship you start with Study Overseas Global does not end when your flight departs from the country, the relationship always maintains all through your educational journey abroad which makes their team much more unique.“

NIDHIN EAPEN MATHEW, M.Sc Mechanical Engineering Birmingham City University

“My University experience was a "GREAT" one. It was like a dream come true for me and this is all because of Study Overseas Global. The dream which seemed to be impossible alone was made possible by Study Overseas Global. Everybody was extremely helpful and co-operative. Their dedication to the work was tremendous and they treated my case as if it was their own. Information was absolutely honest, clear and conclusive. I wouldn't have ever expected a better support. The admission and visa procedure got over for me within a couple of weeks and when I arrived in the UK and spent a few days, it was everything I expected – that was because of the briefing given by Study Overseas Global. I sincerely thank them for the their efforts... I wish them best of luck for their future and for the service they offer to the students. Thanks a lot!! God Bless U Guys.....“

NANTHINI VEERAMANI, M.Sc. Enterprise Systems Management, Birmingham City University, UK

“Study Overseas Global are the best consultants that I have seen so far in providing the right guidance and best support for the students who really want to study abroad in countries like UK, Australia, etc. Apart from information about the universities, they also help students with the right choice which helps in building their career. Study Overseas Global directs students in every aspect, right from selecting the appropriate course till appearing for the visa interview. Its for sure that a student who is interested in further studies will be guided to the right path in every step he takes. I'm in the United Kingdom pursuing Master's course and I'm really very happy about the decision I have made with the help of Study Overseas Global. I'm extremely thankful to Study Overseas Global for guiding me through the whole process.“

NARMADA ARJUNAN, M.Sc in Wireless Communications, University Of Southampton, UK

“I am nearly a month away from joining my University and all this was possible only due to the guidance provided by Study Overseas Global. It was back in May when I got to know that application for UK Universities are still open for 2012 intake. I immediately enrolled at Study Overseas Global and within no time got my offer and it was indeed a hassle free experience thereafter. I do remember the time when I panicked regarding the recognition of MS degree from UK in India. However, the assurance mail from you played a very vital role in the decision to go ahead with UK. The regular University interviews helped immensely in evaluating the Universities by providing a chance to interact with the officials directly. And last but not the least, the visa guidance process is highly commendable. Special thanks to my counsellor at Study Overseas Global who is the reason behind where I stand today with a completed visa application and booked flight tickets.“

AATHISH BHANU, University of Sheffield, UK

“I came to know about Study Overseas Global and the services offered. Study Overseas Global helped me with various Universities offering my Course. As a result, I joined University of Sheffield and obtained my Masters Degree in September 2011. I am happy to say that I am well settled with a good job in the UK and I am greatly thankful for all the staff of Study Overseas Global who helped me to fulfill my dreams. Study Overseas Global exhibited complete professionalism and were there for all my questions and changes. You did a beautiful job in acquiring my admission with complete ease. I thank you again, and I would like to recommend Study Overseas Global to all the students who are planning for overseas education.“

KAILASH SREEKANDAN, Masters In Biomedical Engineering - UK

“Study Overseas Global has proved highly effective in assisting the development of my education and career in Biomedical Engineering. Their services have always been highly professional, well organised and with very good outcomes. They helped me get admission in the UK for my Masters in Biomedical Engineering, thanks for all your support“


“Our experience with Study Overseas Global so far has been remarkable. We came to know about this company barely a month before we had to apply and within that period of time they gave us amazing results. Our counsellor has been the greatest support through out the process. We received offers from two institutions. They handled all the documents that were needed. All we needed to do was to scan our original documents and mail them. We must say they made the application procedure much easier than it is. They understood what we wanted and immediately solved our issues. All in all Study Overseas Global means "Less efforts, Great results". Thank you Study Overseas Global.”


“Study Overseas Global has given me terrific service. They've proved flexible, efficient and responsive to my varied and changing needs. I am constantly impressed by the efficiency, knowledge and quality of service that Study Overseas Global provides often with little notice and to the tightest of deadlines.“


“Study Overseas Global has really been a helping aid to many students who wish to study abroad in countries like UK, Australia etc., enhancing their future opportunities. The staff at Study Overseas Global are really friendly and very understanding. They can understand the student’s problems and situations very well and work according to it. The Study Overseas Global team has been instrumental in helping me walk a path where I have had a chance to be really successful and achieve my dreams, ambitions and goals in life. I still remember when I had to apply to United Kingdom, I had seen many consultants and did not find them exactly helpful towards the students and never made it easy for the students and lacked communication one of my friends suggested Study Overseas Global and when I walked into the office everything was on a positive vibe. The staff were friendly and helpful. I got admission in to a very good reputed University to do my Masters. I am glad that I was with Study Overseas Global and am thankful to them even today for making it easier for me to walk my way to success.“


“As is rightly said, “where there is a will, there is always a way”. The will is yours and the way is through Study Overseas Global. I derive great pleasure in recommending Study Overseas Global. It is always a difficult task for the parents to manage and cope-up with the expenses of higher studies for their children to study abroad. Let alone the process my application was taken care by education counselor at Study Overseas Global. With her prompt advice and support it was easy for me to understand the admission procedures. I was offered a place at University of Broadford. She gave me proper details that is helpful to after arriving in the UK. That detail really helped me. I wish the entire staff to continue the good service, which would help to serve many talented students.“


“Dear Study Overseas Global, I just want to thank you for all the effort you had done along with your team. I will always remember it. I am leaving tomorrow for London to commence my courses. Thanks for all your help!“


“In today's globalised world, international businesses are increasingly seeking graduates who have global awareness, experience of working internationally and ease with cultural differences. As an industrious student, my dream was to gain an internationally acknowledged degree from abroad. Study Overseas Global played a key role in fulfilling my dreams. It was a very challenging task for me to search for a suitable university, which would complement my first degree. With the help and advice of Study Overseas Global, I was enabled to find a suitable university which would meet my criteria's but also mould me into a more competitive person. Moreover, I would like to pay tribute to Study Overseas Global for their prestigious acknowledgement among the UK universities, especially in my university, namely Edinburgh Napier. Also, since numerous students have come through Study Overseas Global, a student network has been enabled. I would like to thank Study Overseas Global for enabling me to gain this life changing experience. It has helped me to learn about myself and discover new strengths and abilities, conquering new challenges and solving new problems.”